Neurofeedback & Biofeedback



Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, non-pharmacological treatment for a variety of psychological and medical disorders. Neurofeedback trains patients to control their own brainwaves through immediate visual and/or auditory feedback that rewards good brainwave patterns. These awards allow patients to become aware of and gain control of their physiological responses. Our brains are very malleable and brain functioning can change in response to one’s life experiences. Neurofeedback utilizes one’s brain plasticity to encourage better brainwave activity to enhance everyday life. Learn more about what to expect here.


Biofeedback is a non-invasive, non-pharmacological intervention for psychological and medical disorders. This training teaches patients to better control involuntary functions such as breathing, heart rate, heart rate variability, and muscle tension. Learning to control these functions significantly reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety training your mind, body, and emotions to work in harmony with one another. Learn more about biofeedback here.

qEEG Brain Mapping

Quantitative EEG uses mathematical and statistical analysis of brain wave activity to determine brain-based difficulties. The qEEG records 19 sites of electrical activity and compares this to thousands of individuals with no known brain-based abnormalities highlighting areas of the brain with the most dysfunction in the client. The qEEG brain map produces a picture to conceptualize the areas of the brain with the most dysfunction or areas most deviated from the norm. This data can be interpreted and used as a clinical tool to evaluation brain function and track brain changes. Learn more about qEEG brain mapping and the system we use here.

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